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09-01-2017 - 1 minute, 50 seconds -
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Under new ownership

The Game Maker Blog is under new ownership as of the end of last year (2016). Since then, there has been a flurry of articles posted on the blog in efforts to reignite the website. Resulting in the new site owner Mark asking if there is anyone that wants to contribute to the blog. As I like to contribute to just about anything that interests me I sent Mark an email expressing my interest.

But what do I talk about?

Several days past and I finally got a response to my expressed interest in contributing to the blog. My initial email stated that I’d love to get involved but wasn’t sure what I could write about. I mentioned I was a professional web developer, and offered my services to help adding features to the site.

The response

Mark’s response suggested that I write an article about the importance of having a website to publicise your games and the development of your games. This sounded like a great idea, so that evening I made a start on the article and managed to get the initial draft finished that evening.

A day or so later and I had finished the article and was ready to send it over the Mark for review.

Once I sent the article I felt a relief that I had actually completed it and sent it over, but at the same time I felt anxious that it wasn’t good enough as this was the first time I’d written an article that had the potential of being viewed by 1,000’s of people. A couple of weeks passed and I’d heard nothing back so I started to worry that I’d written a load of complete garbage.

Finally getting it posted

Then a couple of days ago I received and email from Mark apologising that he’d not gotten back to me and that my email had been lost in his mailbox. He informed me that he’d review my potential blog article and post it on the site soon.

Then last night I finally received that email, my article had gone live. So I’ve been sharing it like mad!!

Here is a link to the article.