About Richard aka No Dime Games

Image of Richard Mountain

Hello, my name is Richard and by trade I’m a web developer. Like most boys/men (or women) that are into video games I too wanted to make them but I’ve never had the real drive to do it. But now that I’ve turn 30 and have a little boy of my own I have found myself wanting to have ago in the evenings while he sleeps.

At the time of writing this I have built 1 game which will be found on this site somewhere called Asteroids. This is basically a clone of the original Asteroids game released in 1979. The game was initially built as an indie game to use for a small competition but that never amounted to anything so the source code has been sat in my private github repo for the best part of 2 years. Since I was setting up this site I decided to dig out the old code and compile it into HTML5 so that I could show it off on my site.

So I’m hoping to use my blog as a way of storing my newly gained experiences, knowledge and goals, maybe even some previews of games I’m working on.

My inspirations for this site and just having ago are both HeartBeast and True Valhalla who both develop games for a living. Who knows maybe one day I’ll be someones inspiration.